• Suicide and COVID19
    It was with extreme sadness today that I read about the death of German finance minister Thomas Schaefer in response to the extreme situation in which we find ourselves with the COVID19 pandemic. I don’t believe that this is the first suicide which has occurred as a result of these extreme stressors, nor do I believe that it will be the last. The financial anxiety and depression which results from country wide lockdowns, self-isolation and a sense of “being trapped” at home either alone or with family/ roommates is extreme and very often may lead to a feeling of complete […]
  • The Build up to Lockdown
    As we South African’s head towards the complete lockdown today I feel as though I have fallen into a parallel universe. Today had a completely surreal quality for me. I went to work as usual. I saw patients, both new and old… as usual. But everywhere I went I had this feeling of utter confusion! On one hand it felt to me like the day before Christmas. There were people out doing some last-minute shopping and getting “running repairs’ done on their hair and nails… almost like the final gift buying spree we usually see on Christmas Eve. On the […]
  • #COVID19 Mental Health
    I am currently sitting at home waiting for President Ramaphosa to update our nation around #COVID19 in South Africa. It has been a very weird week since the first announcement that we as a nation were going to be implementing measures commensurate with the Disaster Management Act. In the wake of that, it doesn’t take a Psychiatrist to diagnose anxiety in the population at large! The problem here is that we are not actually dealing with one global viral pandemic. We are dealing with two and if we don’t get a handle on them and quickly, we are shortly likely […]
  • Managing Depression: It’s a marathon not a sprint
    I recently started training for a half marathon. It is excruciating. Getting up early every morning, putting on my running gear and hitting the roads or the treadmill to pound away for kilometre after kilometre invariably leaves me (usually about halfway through) gasping for air, sweating profusely and wondering why on earth anyone would be stupid enough to do this to herself! Then, after my shower, on my way to work, when the endorphins kick in and I am feeling on top of the world I remember why it is that I do this to myself, and the following morning […]
  • Pre-Exam anxiety management workshop
    Exams can be a very stressful time and provoke a lot of anxiety. Come and attend one of my pre-exam anxiety management workshops and find out how to control your anxiety and make it work for you.