• Pre-Exam anxiety management workshop
    Exams can be a very stressful time and provoke a lot of anxiety. Come and attend one of my pre-exam anxiety management workshops and find out how to control your anxiety and make it work for you.
  • Managing exam stress
    Matric exams are just around the corner. With general anxiety levels already running high, many of my clients are feeling totally overwhelmed and incapable at the thought of writing such an important set of exams. The difficulty with such overwhelming anxiety is the negative impact that it can have on mental performance, self-esteem and general well-being. A certain amount of stress is helpful. It can improve mental clarity and concentration, increase productivity and help to motivate people to complete necessary tasks. Too much stress and the opposite effect is achieved. Lack of motivation, poor concentration, inability to complete tasks, sleep […]
  • Corporate anxiety
    Janet (not her real name) is a 32-year-old lady who works in the marketing department of a large corporate company. She consulted me in March 2019 complaining of excessive anxiety which started towards the end of 2018. She states that in the current socio-economic climate, the work-related pressures and expectations have increased so dramatically that she wakes up every morning feeling physically ill at the thought of going to work. At night, despite being exhausted she struggles for hours to fall asleep, and when she finally managed to sleep, she sleeps restlessly and wakes in the morning feeling fatigued. Whilst […]
  • Screentime
    I have been asked many times recently what I would recommend regarding screen time for children. It has become one of the most frequent doorknob questions (the kind of question patients or parents ask just as they are about to leave the office…literally with one hand on the doorknob). The other 2 very common doorknob questions include sleep issues and sex issues and will be discussed in a later blog. What’s the deal with screens? A generation ago parents worried about the effects of watching too much TV. Before that it was listening to too much radio. Once upon a […]
    The return of load-shedding last week has been met with an array of emotions ranging from disillusionment to outrage. Anxiety and depression seem to be the new norm in clinical practice but aside from the obvious socio-economic and political stresses surrounding load-shedding, there may be biological reasons behind why being in the dark is making everyone more stressed and depressed. How does being the dark make us more anxious? There are several reasons behind why I feel that load-shedding might make us unnaturally anxious and depressed. Here are a few: 1. The survival response: We have all experienced that feeling […]